The California Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Alliance was formed to provide benefits, education and legislative representation for all licensed dismantlers in the state.  The association provides education for its members to assist in the implementation of regulations required in California. It affords its members and others in the industry with a means to exchange ideas and distribute information. CADRA is comprised of three charter groups: the Auto Dismantlers Association of Southern California, the Inland Auto Dismantlers Association, and the Valley Auto Dismantlers Association.

The objectives of the organization are:

1. To promote the general welfare and furtherance of mutual interests of members of CADRA and others engaged in the business of auto and truck dismantling;
2. To provide services to auto dismantling and recycling trade associations;
3. To afford its members and others in the industry with a means to exchange ideas and to distribute information; and
4. To provide an arena for City, County and State Government agencies to discuss relevant issues and to educate government and the public about the industry.

Officers & Directors

PRESIDENT Martin Bright, Beaumont Auto Dismantling & Recycling

VICE PRESIDENT  Jim Gaye, Wrecks West Auto Recycling



Harout Broutian, Harout’s BMW & Mercedes

Jay Camarena, J.R. Auto Salvage

Russ Dreyfus, Any Kar Auto Wrecking

Mike Telalyan, Honda Foreign Auto Parts & Salvage

Harvey Zerehi, Express Auto Dismantling


Executive Secretary Janice Gaye

P.O. Box 6324

Anaheim, CA 92816

Phone 1-877-442-3272